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Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP New Update

Written By Gamelysis on Thursday, September 20, 2012 | 7:26:00 AM

26.08.2012 - PvP Revenge List - After taking revenge off an opponent, no XP were awarded neither were there any adjustment in ratings.

24.08.2012 - PvP Revenge List - Now 5XP is credited to your game per successful encounter. Prior to 18.08.2012 gamers do not win any XP when they conclude the battle.

21.08.2012 - Season I and PVP Ranked Fights Locked Out/ Cool-down - After each season expires, each PvP Player game will be induced into a cool down period of 24 hours. At the end of the session, all ratings are re-set to 800.

You can challenge other players in a three-on-three battle from the PVP (Player Vs Player) screen. You will only be provided with a player's name, level, and rating before challenging them, though once you do so, you will also be given a brief chance to see their PVP Bonuses while the battle loads.

Surviving members will get 5 XP each. Heroes who did not survive the fight will get 1 XP. The winning team gets 50 silver pieces.

PvP Bonuses
To increase your chances of victory, you can assign permanent attack and defense bonuses to your team via items. To do so, you have a backpack storage to put the items in with 12 slots.
Each item put in a slot is removed permanently from your items of accessibility, these items are permanently placed in the backpack thus, providing an increase of defense and offense.
When you acquire a more powerful item you can substitute any occupied slot by placing the new, more powerful item, into the slot. The game allows you to research up to 4 Expansion slots, the 1st one is available when you reach the level 25 and so on.
You also get automatic bonuses based on your number of allies and heroes. Sometimes they drop items based on your level and research done.

Compare your rank against Agents on a global scale. (Top Agents, Your Agent, Your Friends)

HelpLearn how to improve your bonuses and rating in PVP.

Rating is a way of measuring a player's relative performance in PVP.

When the a player wins a PVP match, their rating increases, while the loser's rating decreases by an equal amount. The amount gained or lost depends on the players rating before the match. If a player wins against a lower-rated opponent, the amount of ratinge exchanged is low.

If the players wins against a higher rated opponents, however, the amount of rating exchange is greater.

PvP Bonus
Transform items into an OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE bonus for PVP by permanently socketing them.

PVP Hero Bonuses
Recruiting more heroes will improve the player's stats during PVP battles. A Hero's class determines which stat(s) will receive a bonus. Players can increase the bonus given by leveling up their Heroes, or by recruiting more Heroes to their roster. The bonuses given vary from player to player based on the level of their Agent and their equipment.

  • Tacticians give HP/SP Bonuses for each Tactician in the Hero Roster
  • Blasters give Attack Bonuses Attack for each Blaster in the Hero Roster
  • Bruisers give Defense Bonuses for each Bruiser in the Hero Roster
  • Scrappers give Accuracy Bonuses for each Scrapper in the Hero Roster
  • Infiltrators give Evasion Bonuses for each Infiltrator in the Hero Roster
  • Generalists give HP/SP and Other Bonuses for each Generalist Hero in the roster

The following are formulas for figuring out the hero bonus each hero would provide.

Let x represent the base bonus from Tacticians:
  • Base bonus: x; Per hero level bonus: x/5
  • Base bonus: x/5; Per hero level bonus: x/25
  • Base bonus: x/5 HP/SP, x/25 OTHER; Per hero level bonus: x/25 HP/SP, x/125 other

Players can switch their Heroes' uniforms to switch in other Classes to gain their specific bonuses.

PvP Changes of 10.08.2012.
PvP Changes in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

We are pleased to announce several exciting changes to PVP in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. These changes include:

  1. Rolling Ladders
  2. Practice Matches
  3. PVP Daily Bonus XP
  4. Battle Reports
  5. New PVP landing page
  6. Rolling Ladders

Rolling Ladders
IMPORTANT: This portion of PVP will not be available for the first hour or so after this feature goes live as we need to make some final tweaks. In the meantime, please feel free to try out Practice Matches!

In order to encourage competition between old and new players alike, PVP will be broken into a series of Seasons. Everyone get a fresh start at the beginning of each Season, starting at the same rating and competing on a brand new leaderboard. Your lifetime statistics, including lifetime rating, wins, and losses, can still be seen on your profile. 

Challenge points may be spent to start Ranked Matches where you compete to increase your rating, which in turn improves your Ladder rank. When you start a ranked Ladder match, an opponent of similar rating and Agent level is automatically chosen, providing an appropriate challenge. All you must do to participate in a Season is to compete in at least one ranked fight. 

Seasons last for a specified period of time before they end. After a Season ends, your rating and rank is locked until a new Season starts. You cannot start a ranked match when there is not an active Season. 

Practice Matches 
At any time, you may play Practice Matches to test your strike team and see how they will fare against a variety of opponents. Practice Matches differ from ranked matches in several important ways: Practice Matches do not cost Challenge Points, do not provide any XP or item drops and do not count for or against your rating.

After beginning a Practice Match, you’ll be presented a list of opponents to challenge. These opponents are marked as Easy, Medium, or Hard based on how different their rating is from yours.

Ranked Fights in PvP - 50XP instead of 5XP per successful fight (Only for the first 5 battles of the day/cycle (per 24 hours)
45XP bonus per 5th progressive and successive win.
Image courtesy of Agent Yong Chen.

Daily Bonus XP 
Up to five times per day, participating in a Ranked Match in PVP gets you a large bonus to the XP received. This is roughly equivalent to the amount of XP you would get for completing a boss fight. Practice Matches do not award bonus XP and don’t count against the number of XP bonuses received per day. 

Battle Reports 
You can click on the Battle Reports button to bring up a comprehensive list of recent PVP activity. This includes matches the you’ve initiated (attacks) and challenges you’ve received (defenses). The Battle Reports page tracks your wins, losses, and changes to your rating. 

New Landing Page 
The landing page for PVP is cleaner and more streamlined to provide easy access to new features such as Ranked Matches and Battle Reports. It also provides information about the time remaining in the current Season or time until the next Season begins, your rating, and your number of Bonus XP fights left today.  

These changes are the first step in revamping PVP functionality so look forward to many more great additions to Marvel: Avengers Alliance PVP in the future.

  • Ladder: Same as before. You can see Your Rank with Global Stats.

  • Practice: Can play a Practice match anytime. (XP, Ranking wont matter.)

  • Battle Report: Live history of your ranked battles and Trournament Sessions.

  • PVP Bonus (Hero Bonus and Armory: as same as before.)

HEROES Bonuses are now the main contributoring factor
to PvP Team set-up and PvP Bonus stats.

How They Stack-Up
Tactician = HP, Stamina
Blaster = Attack
Bruiser = Defense
Scrapper = Accuracy
Infiltrator = Evasion

Development Answers

Can you update us on your future development plans since the last Q&A?
We’ve been working hard on getting new content and features into the game on a regular basis.

The second phase of the PVP revamp has launched and we’ve made efforts to handle cheaters. - As of 01.06.2012, ability to drop weapons, gadgets not earned or released in the game was stopped. On 15.06.2012 - all 'Not Tuned' items were removed from PvP but leaving earlier Hacked Gold items i.e. Heroic Calls with 900+ PvP Bonuses untouched'.

We are working on “Phase Three” now - increasing the long term competitive gameplay and rewards of PVP - stay tuned for more information coming soon! 

Player vs. Player What is the future of PVP?
PVP is an area that we are always looking to improve. We know that PVP can be a great way to play the game, but we understand we have much room for improvement to make it more fair and competitive.

We are not currently satisfied with the ladder system, matchmaking, or AI. We are also looking into a Tournament feature with big prizes. Before we do that, there are some issues with our combat system that we are working hard to address.

Will there ever be “live” or “real-time” PVP?
This is one of the many improvements to PVP we are investigating.

Are there any plans to improve PVP rewards? I
n the short term, we are going to reward players much more experience points for the first few PVP battles they do each day. This is to encourage players to participate some each day without it becoming a grind.

In the long term, we plan to have significant rewards for our best PVPers when we release Tournaments. We will release more information as this feature draws closer.

Will you ever be able to use 3 heroes in PVP?
The short answer is no. We know that players feel particularly tied to their Agent and want to make sure that all the work players put in to leveling up and properly equipping gear for their Agent never gets diminished. In early pre-release versions of Avengers Alliance, we allowed hero-only teams, but it did not feel as rewarding.

Can you add a separate equipment page for PVE and PVP
This is an interesting idea. We will consider it in the context of future PVP changes.


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