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Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats & Tips: Complete Guide & References

Written By Gamelysis on Thursday, September 27, 2012 | 1:38:00 AM

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What is First

Add Allies To Get Everyday Bonus

Bonus Links
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Bonus Links To Claim
Free Coulson Revenge (For Playdom Site)
(Check your email address to get everyday bonus)

Resource Guide
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Gold Guide
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Command Point Guide
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Shield Point Guide
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Silver Guide
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Energy and Challenge Point Guide

Must Read Guide
How To Level Up Faster
How to finish five star easily
New Method of Command Points Farming
Farming XP
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Agent Suits and ISO Recommendations 
Recommendation and Suggestion to Buy New Heroes (New)
ISO-8 Pairing Suggestion (Which,What and Why) (Updated)

Marvel: Avengers Alliance:Signs of Afflictions - What Are They and What They Mean
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Encyclopedia- All About HEALING
Score Modifiers and Team Up Bonuses 
All About Distress Call (Default Atack of Each Hero) 
Hero Deploy List
Marvel Avengers Alliance: PvP Hero Bonuses
Epic Boss List and Guide
Different Effects, Buffs and DeBuffs (New)

Chapter and Mission Description
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter 1-The Pulse
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter 2- The ISO Effect
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter 3 - Enter Doom
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter -4 - You,Foe
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter -5 Gods-and-Monsters
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter -6 Uprising
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter 7 Mia
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter 8 Dark Rites
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter 9 The Syndicate (Unreleased)
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Chapter 10 (Unreleased)

Special Operation
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Special Operation#01 Guide  (Clossed)
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Special Operation#02 Guide (Clossed)
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Special Operation#03  (Running)

Hero Guide
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Tactician Class Heroes
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Blaster Blaster Class Heroes
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Bruiser Class Heroes
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Scrapper Class Heroes
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Infiltrator Class Heroes

PVP Guide
Unlock Deadpool Via PVP (New)
PVP Hero Guide (NEW)
New PVP Update (August, 10, 2012)

What Is Marvel XP
Beginner FAQ
Marvel Avengers Alliance: FAQ - Play on Playdom.com
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Playdom's BAN on Users/Gamers
Your Question- Developers Answers
New Update

Bug, Report & Technical Issues
Contact Playdom

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