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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Agent Suits and ISO Recommendations

Written By Gamelysis on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 | 3:28:00 PM

24.08.2012: Due to the introduction of Level IV ISO-8 Crystals into M:AA Game, you may wish to use the existing document Agent Class Suits and compare the their use. They share the same color, class, it's only the numbers. For more information, please refer to the below:

Refined ISO-8 (Level IV Crystals)

Top (From Left to Right): Scrapper, Bruiser, Blaster
Bottom (From Left to Right): Tactician, Infiltrator, Generalist

Tactician Commander Trench - PvE & PvP
1 - 4 Refined Chaotic + 4 Refined Violent: A build for a balanced suit, good accuracy and some boost to Health and Stamina for the every-day battle in both PvE or PvP - 56 Gold.

Scrapper Commander Trench - PvP
2 - 8 Refined Violent: This is a geared up suit which we seen with a heavy Tactician team. Build is for maxmum Accuracy and Attack damage advantage. Main strengths - Accuracy (Best with Excelsior weapons like Batsone Minigun and Golden Screaming Eagle) - 48 Gold.

Infilitrator Commander Trench - PvP
3 - 8 Refined Skillfull: A purely defensive set-up, with the ability to Dodge is the main skill with added numbers in Health for Defense and Attack. Class advantage against Tacitican opponents. For this, the Skillful ISO is a good recommendation. Main strengths - Evasion. - 56 Gold.

Blaster's Commander Trench - PvE & PvP
4 - 4 Stalwart + 4 Refined Violent: A moderate approach and build for balance, while retaining some capabilities towards maximizing Attack, with some Health and Defense for Class disadvantage when faced against Tacitican opponents. - 52 Gold.

Generalist Commander Trench - PvP
5 - 4 Refined Guardian + 4 Spry: This is a suit that some Spenders may opt for when they log out of game-play. A defensive PvP Agent set-up with 4 set-up of mainly Counter-Attack Weapons and Paladin Array (That boosts back health to Agent). - 34 Gold.

Generalist Commander Trench - PvE & PvP √
6 - 8 Refined Chaotic: This is a generally universally liked model adopted by many Gamers. It is also the most balanced suit offered within the game. - 62 Gold.

Bruiser Commander Trench - PvP
7 - 4 Refined Stalwart + 4 Refined Patient: A set-up with a Defensive game in mind. This is geared towards maximum Health and moderately good Defense. Fares poorly against Blasters. Get's Enraged when facing Scrappers. Suit with most Health and Defense. - 56 Gold.

Blaster's Commander Trench - PvE & PvP √
8 - 8 Refined Violent: For maximum offensive game-play. Concentrating on Attack and Accuracy. Best paried with the Golden Screaming Eagle or weapon that is heavy in Attack and/or Accuracy. - 48 Gold.

- Commonly adopted suits and strategies.

Other Alternative Using In-Game Resources
Suggestions for your consideration and experimentation. You may also co-opt this using Reinforced Trench but only 6 ISO can be fitted/used.

Tactician - 2 Chaotic + 4 Forcefull + 2 Steady
= +290 Health, +116 Stamina, +126 Attack, +102 Defense, + 126 Accuracy, + 24 Evasion.

Scrapper - 8 steady
= +696 health,+136 atck,+ 136 acc)
or 4 Forcefull + 4 Steady (+348 health,+136 atck,+68 def,+136 acc

Infiltrator - 5 deft + 3 proficient (+580 health,+69 atck,+184 eva)

Blaster - 6 forcefull + 2 strong (+160 atck,+102 def,+102 acc) or 3 steady + 3 forcefull + 2 strong (+261 health,+160 atck,+51 def,+102 acc)

Bruiser - 4 Sturdy + 4 Steady (+812 health,+68 atck,+92 def,+68 acc)

Generalist - 8 Chaotic (+464 health,+464 stam,+96 atck,+96 def,+96 acc,+96 eva)

Different Agents Uniform

Generalist's Uniforms

UniformIso-8 SlotsPvP Atk BonusPvp Def BonusGoldShield PointsSilverMinimum Agent LevelResearch Needed
Dermosteel Jumpsuit41161168--1-
Kevlar Jumpsuit23737-320001-
Betacloth Techsuit519419412--20-
Nanolaire Techsuit37878-61000020-
SpecOp Impact Suit628028016--35-
Recon2 Impact Suit4126126-104000035-
S.Tech Alpha Armor737137119--50-
S.Tech Combat Armor5179179-156800050-
Commander Trench846646622--65-
Reinforced Trench6234234-2010000065-

Blaster's Uniforms

UniformIso-8 SlotsPvP Atk BonusPvp Def BonusGoldShield PointsSilverMinimum Agent LevelResearch Needed
Dermosteel Jumpsuit41618010--1-
Kevlar Jumpsuit25226-320006Blaster Research I
Betacloth Techsuit527413714--20-
Nanolaire Techsuit310954-61000021Blaster Research II
SpecOp Impact Suit638119018--35-
Recon2 Impact Suit417381-104000036Blaster Research III
S.Tech Alpha Armor750325121--50-
S.Tech Combat Armor5243121-156800051Blaster Research IV
Commander Trench863031524--65-
Reinforced Trench6317158-2010000066Blaster Research V

Tactician's Uniforms

UniformIso-8 SlotsPvP Atk BonusPvp Def BonusGoldShield PointsSilverMinimum Agent LevelResearch Needed
Dermosteel Jumpsuit413113110--1-
Kevlar Jumpsuit24444-320008Tactician Research I
Betacloth Techsuit522222214--20-
Nanolaire Techsuit38888-61000023Tactician Research II
SpecOp Impact Suit629829818--35-
Recon2 Impact Suit4137137-104000038Tactician Research III
S.Tech Alpha Armor739039021--50-
S.Tech Combat Armor5189189-156800053Tactician Research IV
Commander Trench846646624--65-
Reinforced Trench6245245-2010000068Tactician Research V

Infiltrator's Uniforms

UniformIso-8 SlotsPvP Atk BonusPvp Def BonusGoldShield PointsSilverMinimum Agent LevelResearch Needed
Dermosteel Jumpsuit410514710--1-
Kevlar Jumpsuit23549-320007Infiltrator Research I
Betacloth Techsuit516623314--20-
Nanolaire Techsuit37099-61000022Infiltrator Research II
SpecOp Impact Suit624334018--35-
Recon2 Impact Suit4111155-104000037Infiltrator Research III
S.Tech Alpha Armor731944721--50-
S.Tech Combat Armor5155217-156800052Infiltrator Research IV
Commander Trench833955924--65-
Reinforced Trench6201281-2010000067Infiltrator Research V

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