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Facebook Game: Song Pop Review

Written By Gamelysis on Friday, September 28, 2012 | 12:13:00 AM

Short Notes:

Genre: Social Games
Status: Final
Time Unit: Realtime
Theme: Music
Graphics: 2D
Fee: Free
Developer: FreshPlanet Inc.
Platform:  FacebookAndroid and iOS

(Play Song Pop on Facebook)
Song Pop is a new Facebook social game which developed by FreshPlanet for FacebookAndroid and iOS that challenges players to prove who has the best song-identification skills. 

This game is multiple-choice quiz type game. When beginning a new challenge, players choose a playlist of songs which their questions will be based on, and are then played five song clips during which they must identify either the title or the artist within a fixed time. If your answer is true then points will added to your score. You can get bonus points by quick responding and correctly answer several questions in a row. As the player scores points, they earn progress towards five “stars” in a playlist, with new songs in the playlist unlocking when each star is filled.

Once five questions have been answered, the challenge is sent to another player, at which point they answer the same questions with a twist: they can see what the other player responded and their score at the beginning of each new question. This gives a good feeling of “live” competition despite the fact that play is completely asynchronous.

When both players have had a shot at the questions, the scores are totalled and a winner is declared. The songs that were used are also shown with a link to iTunes to purchase them. The winner of the game get three coins and loser gets just one.

As the game progresses, the player unlocks the ability to use “powerup” items. These may be purchased using coins, and may be used either to pick three new available playlists upon starting a new challenge, or removing two incorrect answers from the four possible responses to a question.

Song Pop game is the perfect game for the music obsessed. It is entirely social — there is no single-player component to the game at all. If players do not have any Facebook friends playing, they may start new games with either random opponents or by typing in a specific player’s username.

Long list of genres to choose from. Money is far from required to have fun.
Poor list of possible answers sometimes makes questions too easy to answer.
(Play Song Pop on Facebook)
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