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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Best mission to farm XP (Level Up faster)

Written By Gamelysis on Saturday, August 4, 2012 | 8:33:00 PM

 The faster you will level up, then you have the better chance that you will be ahead of many players. It is Needless to say that you and your team members are getting more and more stronger and win all the missions/PvP. So you need XP. 
To earn xp easily, i recommend the below misson: 

C5M6: Chapter 5 - Mission 6 - Hydra Assemble!
Recruit War Machine (48CP)
High x3W1: Hydra Balista x2 | W2: Hydra Vanguard, Hydra Judicator (110 XP)
Hydra Judicator, Hydra Rampart, Hydra Vanguard (90 XP)
W1: Bowman, Hammer, Hydra Judicator | W2: Militant, Tactical Force (230 XP)

C6M5: Chapter 6 - Mission 5 - Magic Hand
Medium x4W1: Hand Assassin, Hand Warrior, Hand Assassin |
W2: Hand Scorpion x2 (95 XP) Hand Scorpion, Hand Warrior, Hand Spy (75 XP)
High x3
Hand Shadow, Hand Dragon, Hand Ninja (90 XP)
W1: Hand Soldier, Hand Ninja, Hand Soldier |
W2: Hand Assassin, Hand Dragon, Hand Assassin | W3: Hand Scorpion x2 (150 XP)
Hand Assassin, Hand Scorpion, Hand Soldier |
W2: Bullseye, Elektra, Jack O'Lantern (360 XP)

C6M6: Chapter 6 - Mission 6 - Jailhouse Rock
Recruit Phoenix (48CP)
Medium x2
W1: Marauder, Fugitive, Marauder | W2: Felon x2 | W3: Troublemaker x2 (115 XP) W1: Marauder x2 | W2: Fugitive x2 (100 XP)
High x3
W1: Marauder, Instigator, Ravager | W2: Fugitive, Jailbird (110 XP)
Marauder, Ravager, Marauder (75 XP)W1: Instigator, Marauder, Instigator |
W2: Ravager x2 (125 XP)
W1: Jailbird, Troublemaker x2 | W2: Avalanche, Juggernaut, Constrictor (195 XP)

C7M6: Chapter 7 - Mission 6 - A Whole New U
Recruit Human Torch (33CP)
High x3
W1: Servo-Minion, Servo-Pummeler, Servo-Miner |
W2: Servo-Soldier, Servo-Basher, Servo-Driller (105 XP)
W1: X-Ray, Vapor | W2: Ironclad, Vector (200 XP)

If you have any good idea, then share with us and put a comment.

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