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Marvel Avengers Alliance: FAQ - Play on Playdom.com

Written By Gamelysis on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | 3:07:00 PM

You start all over again
M:AA on Playdom.com is a completely separate game so yes, you'll need to start it over and play independently if you want to play there.

Facebook data is not transferrable to Playdom.com
They have moved many games over to the site, but there has never been a transfer of accounts or items.

Introductionary Message on Playdom.com
Marvel: Avengers Alliance is now available to play on Playdom.com!

In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, you are recruited as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. to assemble and lead teams of superheroes with a mission to keep New York City safe from the clutches of villains.

The game is currently in Beta, which means that some parts of the game are not currently available, but will be soon. Here are some of the game features that are currently still in development:

• Asking Friends to help unlock aircraft on the Flight Deck
• Playing PVP mode
• Changing your Avatar
• Changing your Agent’s name

Because some of these features are required to complete quests, those quests currently cannot be completed. We hope to complete development of these features as soon as possible so that you will be able to complete all quests. 

Please also note that even though the game is in Beta, you will keep anything you earn even after the Beta has ended – in other words, nothing you gain during Beta will be lost once the Beta stage is over.

About Guilds
Guilds are groups of players who play together, earn rewards, and chat together.

Everyone can use a helping hand — that is where your guild comes in. These are the players you will work with to progress in the game as well as win Guild Tournaments. Sometimes when you need help a call will go out automatically to your guild, but you can also reach out to your guild to ask for specific gifts or game tips. Helping other members of your guild also earns you Playdom Points. To see your guild, click on the "My Guild" tab. To see all guilds, click on the "Guilds" tab.

The Newsfeed
The Newsfeed is where you interact with other players in your guild. The feed tells you what's happening in your guild, how members are feeling, and if anyone is coordinating anything. In addition to keeping you informed, the feed also lets you:

  • Welcome new members—click "Welcome Them!" to send them a free gift
  • Help guild members—click on "Help Them!" to send a free gift
  • Claim prizes—click "Claim your Prize!"
  • Claim shared bonuses—Many times members will share their bonuses, click "Claim"
  • Congratulate Guild members—click "Like" to show your support
  • Send players help—click "Help Them!" to send them a free gift
  • Post to the Newsfeed—ask for tips from other guild members

For many of these actions, you'll also receive Playdom Points to help your guild win tournaments.

Playdom Points
You earn Playdom Points by helping your guild in the newsfeed, inviting friends to play, as well as progressing in the game. Earn points for completing missions and quests, training heroes, researching topics, and when you level—up. Playdom Points are a running tally of how much you have helped your guild and contributed to your guild's success. Most importantly, though, Playdom Points are used to determine the winners in the guild tournaments and who gets prizes.

Playdom Points are also used to determine your Playdom Rank. Playdom Points are added together across all games, so the more you play, the more you will rank up and earn bonuses!

Guild Tournaments
Guilds compete against one another for prizes in tournaments. Tournaments challenge two guilds to earn the most Playdom Points. In a timed tournament, whichever guild has accumulated the most Playdom Points wins! Every member of the winning guild, who contributed at least 5 Playdom Points to the victory, is eligible to claim the prize.

There is a time limit for you to claim your tournament prize. The winning guild also awards a prize to the MVP that contributes the most Playdom Points in the winning tournament.

Switching Guilds
You're always free to switch guilds to follow allies or explore the community, however much of your position in a guild is dependent on the number of Playdom Points you've contributed. The guild's leaderboard reflects just that—which players have contributed the most Playdom Points to that guild. If you have contributed 10 Playdom Points to one guild, and then switch to another, you will start with zero Playdom Points in the new guild.

You can always move back to your old guild where it will show you having contributed 10 Playdom Points—they're never forgotten. Please note that the 'Total Playdom Points' on the 'My Guild' page is just for your current guild. In the spirit of competition you can only switch guilds once every two hours.

Playdom Rank
See where you rank against allies and other Playdom players, all while earning some great extra bonuses. Your efforts across all games on Playdom.com are represented in your Playdom Rank.

So if you earn Playdom Points in Marvel Avengers Alliance and Wild Ones on Playdom, all the Playdom Points will be combined to determine your Playdom rank. The higher you rank the more bonuses you earn!

Playdom Allies
Invite your friends to play Marvel Avengers Alliance with you. Not only will they be able to help you progress, but you will be able to see where you stack up against one another. Invite allies to join your guild, and if they decide to be in another guild, keep in contact through your 'ALLIES' tab.

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