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Hidden Chronicles FAQ : The Basics

Written By Gamelysis on Saturday, July 7, 2012 | 3:49:00 PM

What is Hidden Chronicles?

Hidden Chronicles is a game where you discover hidden clues and try to uncover the mysteries that lay deep within the Ramsey Manor. As you discover more items in each scene, you gain mastery points that help you to uncover new scenes and even more mysteries. Challenge your friends to see who can find the most items in 60 seconds and send them gifts. Collect and build items to decorate and customize your estate and expand its borders.

Gameplay Basics

How do I find the hidden objects?

Use the clues listed to identify objects in each scene. Clues shown in blue are 'Super Clues' that can require you to find more than one object or complete a series of activities. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and time to find all items.

How do I get energy and what is it spent on?

Energy is essential for game play: you use it to play each scene. Receive energy as a gift from your friends, earn it by visiting neighbors, when receiving a level up, gain it automatically over time, or purchase it in the Marketplace.

1 Energy is gained every 5 minutes in the game, until you have gained the maximum amount of energy available.

How do I earn XP and what is it used for?

Earn XP by completing scenes and certain quests. XP is used to level up: As you level up you will unlock more Marketplace items and sometimes even quests!

How do I earn reputation points, and what are they used for?

Reputation points are earned as you visit your neighbors, by hiding/finding secret packages, or by challenging friends to see who can get the highest score in a game of FastFind. Reputation points can be used to buy certain marketplace items and even scenes!

What are estate points and how do I earn them?

Estate points are used to unlock new scenes. They are earned by decorating your estate with various items from the marketplace. Be careful! When you sell an item you've decorated your estate with, you will also lose the estate points for that item.

How can I buy new decorations for my estate?

All decorations for your estate can be found in the Market. Some items can be purchased with coins and some can be purchased with estate cash. You can even use reputation to buy certain items!

How do I purchase estate cash?

Estate cash can be purchased in the Add Coins & Cash tab at the top of the game. You are also taken to this tab when you try to complete a transaction that you currently don't have enough cash to complete.

How can I earn cash in game and out of game?

You earn 1 Estate Cash each time you receive a level up in the Hidden Chronicles. You can also earn Estate Cash by completing a variety of offers on the Earn Cash & Coins tab at the top of the game.

How can I move, rotate, or sell objects in my estate?

To sell, move, or rotate an item, click on the Toolbar Menu (it looks like a yellow arrow) in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen. Once you select the desired option from this menu, click on the item that you want the action applied to.

How do the system tools work?

The system tools (shown as yellow gears) allow you to turn the game music and sounds on and off, make the game full screen, and let you zoom in and out when you're on your estate. They are located in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

How do I complete a Find the Difference scene?

Find the Difference scenes show you two images of the same picture, with a few items missing that you must identify. No items are listed, an you must spot the difference between each image. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and time to find all items.

How does scene mastery work?

Each time you play a scene, you earn points based on your actions during the scene - things such as taking a hint, time, difficulty and item combos all contribute to the score that you can earn in each scene. As you earn more points in each scene, you will earn more trophies, and the scene will get a bit more challenging each time you reach a new trophy level. The highest total score possible is 2 million points and you can earn up to 5 trophies in each scene.

What are the Super Clues?

Super Clues are shown with blue text in the scenes. These require players to perform 2 or more actions in the scene to complete the super clue.

How do I play the mini games?

Mini Games are available after finding all clues in certain scenes. You may be asked to discover a certain number of coins, or re-assemble a ripped note. Mini games count as a bonus for the scene they are available in. The faster you complete the mini game, the higher the earned bonus for that scene will be.

What are artifacts?

The artifacts enable you to explore the scene memories and unlock more information about the Hidden Chronicles. Your role as Guardian is to restore these artifacts by completing quests and scenes to track down the Hidden Chronicles.

How do I navigate to the artifacts?

You can see the artifacts in various rooms by clicking the map icon in the top right hand corner of the main scenes menu. Players must first click on their Mansion and then click on the small map in the top right corner. From this map, just select the room that you want to go to in order to see its artifacts.

How can I interact with neighbors?

Visit your neighbors daily! Challenge them to a game of FastFind to see who can find the most objects in 1 minute, and hide secret packages on their estate for them to find the next time they play the game.

How do FastFind games work?

In FastFind, you challenge your friends to find as many items as you can within 60 seconds. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and the total number of items found.

Are there more scenes?

Additional scenes are located in the Premium Tab of the Scene Menu. Each room in the manor has scenes that can be unlocked for Estate Cash or by earning enough Reputation Points. We'll be releasing many new quests and scenes after the game launches, so check back regularly to see what's new!

What are 'doobers', and how do I use them?

Doobers are what people call the items that appear on your game board when completing a building, placing or opening a gift. All you have to do is wave your mouse pointer over the doobers to collect them!

What are timed items?

Timed items are decoration items that you can find in the market. These items will be ready to complete once the countdown has finished. The construction countdown on these items will begin when the item is placed.

How do crew buildings work?

Some items in the game require you to hire neighbors as crew to complete construction. Place the item on your estate, then click on it to see and send crew requests to your friends. You can also fill crew slots using Estate Cash.

How can I expand my estate property?

Expand your estate by using Grants. Every time you expand it will cost you a certain number of Grants; the number will increase as you acquire more land. Players can bypass the need for grants by unlocking them with Estate Cash. Expansions are also restricted by Estate Points: You must earn additional Estate Points to unlock more expansions.

There are 3 ways to get grants in Hidden Chronicles:

Purchase them through marketplace.
Ask for them through gift request. You will trigger this dialog if you click on the expansion marketplace card without have the necessary grants to expand.
Get them from your friends as a gift. Grants are located on the free gift page and can be received from a friend.

Who can I contact if I need help?

If you need help, the best place to start is in the Player Help & Support section of the forums. You'll find answers about all common issues and a few easy ways to resolve them!

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